Just Say "No" To the Flu!

  1. The flu often comes on quickly and can cause mild to severe illness.

  2. Common symptoms include:

    • fever
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • runny or stuffy nose
    • body aches and chills
    • headaches
    • fatigue (feeling tired)
    • some may have vomiting or diarrhea (more common in children than adults)
  3. Children under 5 years old are at a higher risk for serious flu-related complications.

  4. The single best way to protect your children from the flu is to get them vaccinated each year.  

    • the CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get the flu vaccine
    • children should be vaccinated every flu season
  5. Other ways to protect children from flu sickness include:

    •  wash hands often with soap and water
    • stay away from people who are sick
    • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth - this is how germs are spread
    • clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that may be contaminated with germs


For more information on flu www.cdc.gov/flu or call 1-800-CDC-INFO

Other websites:

https://go.usa.gov/xnpSC  (Emergency Warning Signs of Flu Sickness)