Toy Safety

Toy Safety Tips

With the holiday season just around the corner here are some Toy Safety Tips to keep in mind as you shop for toys this season.

  • When shopping for second-hand toys – or if you receive them from friends or relatives - be savvy about their safety.   Check the CPSC’s homepage, , for a list of recalled toys that you can search by product.

  • Make sure your child’s toys are appropriate for her age.  Read the label for information on appropriate ages.  Show your child how to use the toy properly.

  • Do not buy toys that shoot objects into the air.  They can cause eye injuries and choking.

  • Avoid very loud toys because they can cause hearing damage.

  • Choose stuffed toys that are well-made, with tight and secure edges and seams.  Take off any loose string or ribbons to avoid a child becoming strangled.  Be sure the stuffing is not made of small bean-like pellets or other material that children could choke or suffocate on if swallowed.

  • Look for the word nontoxic when buying toy and art supplies.

  • When buying electrical toys, look for the label “UL Approved” and be sure to select toys recommended for your child’s age.

  • Teach your child to put toys away when he is done playing, so no one will trip over or fall on them.

  • Choose bath toys that can handle being exposed to the water for long periods of time and won’t fall apart or mildew.

  • Broken and uninflated balloons are a choking hazard.

  • Avoid toys made with lead-based paint.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!